Friday, April 5, 2013

New blogging adventure: Breaking Rules with Paranormal Unbound

I'm sort of a nerd. Actually, I'm a HUGE nerd. I'm incapable of not overanalyzing everything I get my hands on: books, The Vampire Diaries, movies, chewing gum wrappers. This is why I'm thrilled to be taking part in a new group blog, Paranormal Unbound.

ParaUnbound is the brainchild of my writer-friend Amber Belldene, Episcopal priest and author of sexy vampire romance Blood Vine. (Yeah, you read that right.) Amber rounded up a group of paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors who aren't afraid to flirt with the boundaries of the genre. We're going to be indulging in our inner (and not-so-inner) English majors, gushing about books, fangirling over Firefly and otherwise being ourselves. I'm honored to be blogging with these ladies.

Today is my debut on the blog, and Amber and I are having a conversation about feminism in paranormal romance. Stop by and chat--we're hoping the blog becomes a place where like-minded dorky genre enthusiasts can hang out. (Oh, and we're giving away books!)


  1. I wrote a review of your novella on Goodreads which pretty much sums up my feelings on it, but I'm commenting here so you see it. I really, really enjoyed it and have thought about it multiple times since putting it down. :)

  2. Wow, Jaimie, thanks so much! That is high praise, indeed. :) I really, really appreciate the Goodreads review (just went and saw it--I haven't been swinging by Goodreads as much as I should!) I know that you are always honest in your reviews, so your good opinion means a lot. Thank you.