Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Reading List for 2011

Instead of a New Year's resolution, I'm making a New Year's Reading List.  I'm much more likely to accomplish it!  My phenomenally supportive family gave me a big chunk of bookstore gift certificates for Christmas, and I can't wait to get back to San Francisco and splurge on books.  Here's a partial list of what I plan on adding to my bookshelves in 2011:

  1. Secrets of the Demon by Diana Rowland.  This one doesn't come out until January 4, but I can't wait.  Ms. Rowland's Demon series is one of my top three urban fantasy favorites.  Her books have a strong sense of place, and her heroine Kara is tough without being prickly.  Love! 
  2. Tempest's Legacy by Nicole Peeler.  This is another favorite series of mine.  It's smart and sexy and doesn't take itself too seriously.  Fantastic.
  3. Black Wings by Christina Henry.  I read an excerpt a few weeks ago, and I was hooked. 
  4. Dark Oracle by Alayna Williams.  I'm a big fan of Laura Bickle's Anya Kalinczyk series, so I thought I'd check out her Oracle series, written under her Alayna Williams pseudonym.  Plus, I like science fiction, and this novel seems to have a science fictiony flavor to it.
  5. Room by Emma Donoghue.  Enough people (my mother, my agent, every top ten list I've run across) have now recommended this book that I think I'd be crazy not to read it. 
  6. The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri.  I've never read it.  I don't know why.
  7. Faithful Place by Tana French.  Tana French writes beautifully:  she combines gorgeous language with gripping narrative, and that's a talent I admire.  I'm really looking forward to this one.
  8. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.  I think it's time I jump on the bandwagon.  Or am I supposed to jumping off of it now?  I haven't been keeping track.  Regardless, I'd like to form an opinion for myself.
Any suggestions to help me use up the rest of my gift card haul?  I'm particularly looking for a good, non-formulaic mystery.  I haven't read widely in the mystery genre myself, and I could use some guidance.  What are you looking forward to reading in 2011?  


  1. I'm going to read Dune and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Because I should have by now.

    One of those "I should have by now"s is The Book Thief, which I'm reading now.

    What are the other 2 in your top-3 urban fantasies?

  2. @Jaimie: Right now, my top 3 urban fantasy series are Diana Rowland's, Nicole Peeler's, and Laura Bickle's, in no particular order. Guess I should have said so!

    I've read Dune and Jonathan Strange--both fantastic in *very* different ways. The Book Thief looks amazing! I'm adding it to my list.

  3. Have you read The Passage by Justin Cronin? Beautiful writing with a Stephen King-style plot. Also, The Help is truly excellent if you haven't read it yet. Read it before the movie comes out, I'm sure it won't do it justice.

  4. @Rachel: Oooo, The Passage! Definitely on the list. And I'm planning to borrow a copy of The Help once my mother is done with it. Thanks for the recs!